Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DT770 vs. ATH A900x vs D2000

Denon D200 on left, ATH A900x on right
Beyerdynamic DT770 250ohm
  • More of a monitor style headphone, great for critical listening.  The sound is a little "dead" a recessed distant sound, easy to listen for multiple hours
  • Love the fit, easy to wear for a long period
  • Comes with travel bag
Audio Technica ATH A900x 42ohm
  • More of a "fun" style sound quality
  • I find the "wings" bothersome the headphone keep sliding down
  • Very large and detailed sound stage
  • Too heavy on the head
  • Better isolation than D2000
Denon D2000
  • Wonderfully made
  • More musical than 900x
  • Not as large a soundstage as 900x, but more musical and accurate
  • A joy to use, so well made
  • Left / Right separation, incredible, "outside the head" experience
  • Reproduces lower bass than 900x
  • Quieter than 900x
  Winner D2000, returned the 900x and going to sell the DT770 250ohm

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