Wednesday, June 13, 2012

iBasso D7 vs. D4 with Topkit

iBasso D7 on left, D4 with Topkit on right
Really didn't expect the D7 to sound so much better than the D4 with Topkit.  Listening side by side, the D7 is so much quieter.  The back ground is dead silent compared to the D4.  Before listening to the D7 had not realized how much "noise" there was in the quiet passages of the D4 or the headphone jack.  The D7 the quiet and sound stage is bigger and the instruments more detailed than the D4.

iBasso D7
  • Quiet background
  • Large soundstage
  • Very detailed, with "space" between instrumentation
  • Have to restart computer to "sync" asynchronous
  • Only USB power 5V
  • Error Message of "drawing too much power.." 
D4 with Topkit
  • More headroom than D7 when used with 9V
  • Noise in quiet passages
  • Smaller soundstage

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