Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mingo's in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for a few days of meetings, googled "Headphones Hong Kong Kong"and found Mingo's:

Mingo's, Hong Kong
Shop No 115, 1/F Sim City
47-51 Shantung Street
Monbkok, Hong Kong

What a place!  Amazing!  They have four stores, I spent time in both the portable headphone store and the home headphone store demoing headphones, what I found:

Home Headphones:
  • Audio Technica Art 900x, great sounding closed headphones, better than DT770, bought a pair
  • Grado SR80 Great sounding 
  • Stax entry level, thin sounding
  • Headfiman HE-300 Muddy sounding
  • Beyerdynamic 990 no sound stage
  • Dac Magic looks well made
  • Audio Technica ATH-TAD300inexpensive great sound inexpensive open headphone, not as good as Grado SR80
  • Ray Sammuels, SR71B first time I have seen one
  • Shure SE535, no where near ACS T1 sound quality, Westone UM3X better
  • Etydynamic MC5, thin sounding and brittle
  • iBasso PB2 sounds great, great range, great soundstage, addictive, 2500HK, also listened balanced with balanced cables
  • iQube, not as large a sound stage as PB2 or the dynamics
  • Miu Audio lit portable tube amp, looks and feels cheap
  • iphone dock to 3.5 silver strand LOD, opens up soundstage
  • Listened to Demo version of JH8 Audio, better sounding than UE16, muddy sounding, ACS T1 still better
While in HK also visited Kingsound, not as good selection as Mingo's and can't demo.  If you are in HK, check out Mingo's !


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