Saturday, June 4, 2011

Portable Amps

Portable Amps
  1. iBasso D10 - Smaller than imagined, Chinese BBQ smell, a little unnerving, also the potentiometer makes a click when turning on that sounds like something is loose.  Not as well made as I imagined, potentiometer does not track well, from 6 to 9 seems out of proportion to 9 to 1.  Makes me appreciate the uDAC craftsmanship. More detailed than 222, but not as spacious or detailed as NFB-12, makes me want to try Nuforce HDP.  Curios about USB vs. optical.  Black background.
  2. uDAC-1 - Not as detailed as D10, not as powerful, not as detailed.  But for half the price pretty damn close.
  3. Behringer UCA 222 - For $30 great deal!  HD201 and UCA 222 may be the perfect $50 setup.  Not very loud and not as musical as the uDAC, but detailed and fun.  Not a powerful as D10, not as detailed, not as spacious, but a 10th the cost, pretty good.

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