Saturday, June 11, 2011

iBasso D10 vs. iBasso D4

iBasso D10 - Sort of a pain to charge, the D4 is simple remove rear cover and insert 9V.   Compared to the D4, sounds distant and shallow.  Optical input improves soundstage width, but still not a match for the D4 soundstage, too much in to small a space?   If the D4 sounds better through USB, no reason to get D10.  Not sure how else to say it, the optical has more air than the USB, but D10 sounds distant.

iBasso D4 - Bigger soundstage than D10, also more power more authority.  Running from 9V seems to have more authority than USB.  Plenty of power for HD650, always want more but boy do they sound sweet, not sure what people were talking about "can't use D4 with HD650".  Simple easy headphone amp/DAC, more authority and dynamism than D10.  Curious about the Topflight kit, will order.   Will order short USB.

Comparison with:
Sennheiser HD650
Beyerdynamic DT770 32ohm
Sennheiser HD201

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