Monday, May 9, 2011

Phiaton MS 400

May 9, 2011
Phiaton MS 400 (Black), $187.99, Purchased from Amazon
Okay I am spoiled, between the Sennheiser HD 650s and the Sennheiser HD 25s, I have gotten used to very high sound quality.  The Phiaton MS 400 are very nicely made and and have a great travel case and sound really fun!

But..the sound is sloppy, like I don't know where to listen, find myself searching for the instruments.  The bass is over boosted and sloppy.  Going back and forth between the HD 25s and the MS 400s, the HD 25s sound like the treble is over boosted (but I think it is the opposite, that the MS 400s bass is sloppy).   Even with the sloppiness, they are very musical.   More than the sound, its the fit on my head.  Although they are "Circumaural", they sit on the ears instead of around the ears.  Love they way they pack up in the travel case, but the fit on my head doesn't work.

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