Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MDR-7506 vs. MS400 vs. HD201 vs. HD 25-1 II

Really interesting comparison.  Bought three sets of headphones to compare to the HD201 and returned all three of them.  It came down to comfort and fit.  The MS400 and the HD 25-1 II sound great, but not comfortable for more than an hour.  Of the four the HD201 is still the most comfortable and although not the same class as the other three, comfort wins.  

1. Sony MDR-7506 - Best fitting of the the three. Very dry analytical sound, with limited sound stage.   The analytical sound is fun!  If I was to keep one of the three this would be the pair to keep.   Would swap out the coil cable for a straight cable.
2. Phiaton MS 400 - Fun involving sound, the most musical of the four, also the most colored.  Found the fit bothersome, they sit on the ears instead of around the ears.  Loved the hard side case!
3. Sennheiser HD201 - Okay soundstage, fairly neutral sound quality.  Very comfortable, the ear pads rest around the ears. 
4. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II - Best sounding of the four, but the low comfort puts them in last.  Hurt my ears, others have said you need to give them time, but after two days of hurting ears I called "uncle". 


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